The good mother

The good mother

What makes a ‘good mother is something that other people decide. The chorus. The look of approval or of reproach. The people who always know what and what not to do. What’s good, useful and prudent. The ones who say ‘it’s natural, that’s the way it is’: you have to be patient, go with the flow, feel tenderness, dedicate yourself fully. If you feel like you’re falling apart, it’s because you’re just not cut out for it. If you feel like you’re drowning, you lack sufficient maturity. If you can’t get pregnant, you just have to accept it, give up on the idea, stop insisting: apparently, you’re not built to be a mother. If you never wanted to have children, that’s because, beneath it all, something is not the way it should be.

Translated from: CONCITA DE GREGORIO (2011). Una madre lo sabe. p. 15. Publisher: Valencia: TàndemEdicions.


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