Roles, Supermother

  • The supermother

    The cult of the child weighs heavily upon women. The modern woman must be a mother, an employee, and a friend all at once. Preferably thin. And you have to admit, that’s a lot to ask. On top of that, women do 80 per cent of the housework. When school lets out, you mostly see women there; the same at parents’ night, or at the pediatrician’s when a kid has bronchitis or chickenpox. For many women, motherhood means getting home early at night to look after the kids, missing those important meetings that are held after 7 p.m. (they are always held after 7 p.m.), turning down or not even applying for jobs that are more interesting but too time consuming.

    CORINNE MAIER (2009). No kid. 40 good reasons NOT to have children. pp. 104-105. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart.